P. S. & E. SEALS Inc.
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Repair Shop

P. S. & E. Seals repair facility is located in Hamilton, ON in a 3.000 sq. Ft. building. 
Our complete staff includes inside sales, warehouse person, machine operators and assemblers. We have all the necessary equipment such as, Lapping machine, surface grinder, ultrasonic cleaner, lathe, test rigs, monochromatic light, etc., which enables us to have a quality control on all repairs.

Our Quality Control is the Following:

1.) All critical dimensions l00% inspection.

2.) 100% inspection of all lapping to two helium light bands.


All seals are guaranteed to have been repaired or rebuilt like new with equal or higher quality materials. The following parts are new: carbon, spring, and elastomers, set screws, snap rings. Hard face is re-lapped to new specs. Non-repairable parts are replaced with new parts of equals or higher quality.

(Cartridge Seals and Metal Bellows)

1. Gland and bellows checked to 100psi ( 660 Kpa) water and air
2. Cartridge checked to 100psi ( 660Kpa) water and air

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